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40 cm (16 in.) SK Read Eye Chart

Cat. No. 4201
Price: $155.25

The SK Read Test Two Card Set was developed to assess the reading performance of English speaking adults who may be encountering central or paracentral scotomas (visual field defects). It’s designed to allow words to be easily confused and facilitate the verbalization of mistakes encountered while reading. The pattern of verbalized mistakes can help to differentiate left and right sided scotoma interference. Blocks of text range in size from 8 M units down to 0.4 M units. Each block of text contains 6 single letters, 1 two letter word, 2 three letter words, 3 four letter words, 3 five letter words, and 1 six letter word. Words were chosen from the 1000 most commonly used words in each respective language. The use of single letters facilitates misidentification of two letter words as a single letter. Words that could stand alone with a letter missing from the beginning or end of the word were specifi cally included. No meaning is present in the text.  Available in English (Cat No. 4201) and Italian (Cat No. 4208).