March 2015

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  • Our newest product video on the 930 Illuminator Cabinet
  • 500 Shades of Grey? Check out our healthy obsession with different shades of grey
  • The Radner Reading Chart; a highly standardized, multi-lingual reading test system


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A portable Illuminator Cabinet made for
testing in different environments
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Lately, a certain Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten the lion’s share of attention in the media and in popular culture, but did you know the human eye can in fact distinguish as many as 500 different shades of grey?

At Precision Vision, we are obsessed with shades of grey – but in a healthy way that truly benefits the lives of millions.

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The Radner Reading Chart; a highly standardized, multi-lingual reading system


Radner Reading Charts Inside Pages

As the trusted leader in the production and development of vision testing devices Precision Vision scourers the world in search of quality vision testing tools developed by industry icons. The Radner Reading Charts are a perfect example of just this type of collaboration.  

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Bon Voyage Dr. Hoggat and the MacKinneys!
Sending well wishes to Dr. Judy Hoggatt of the Suson Eye Specialists, M.D. S.C. and Ted and Rachel MacKinney with TEAM | The Evangelical Alliance Mission who embarked on their journey on March 12th to the remote Sankhuwasabha district in Nepal, just east of Mt. Everest to establish Mercy Clinic, a permanent medical clinic in the small village of Chepuwa.
It means a lot to Precision Vision to be able to help those in need, so we have sent over vision screening and diagnostic tools so that Dr. Hoggatt and her team can train medical assistants at the clinic and perform eye examinations, screenings and minor surgeries for this region in need. Looking forward to hearing of your incredible travels and success when you return!

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