September 2014

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  • Download our newest e-book: Best Kept Secrets of Planning and Conducting a Successful International Clinical Trial
  • What do Mary Tyler Moor, Prince and Precision Vision all have in common? Watch the video to find out.
  • PV Supports Medical Mission to Nigeria
  • Could time outdoors raise Cataract and Glaucoma risk?
  • Tiny implanted sensor and your smartphone could help prevent blindness.


Jessica Kopidlansky fills you in on what’s in this month’s edition

Download our Newest E-Book 

In today’s global economy with demands on resources for precision iimplementation across multiple continents planning and managing clinical trials has never been
more difficult or time consuming. Successfully navigating through the myriad of regulations and logistical details of conducting even a small a multi-site clinical trial or research project requires a great degree of planning and preparation.
As a supplier for literally hundreds of trials
Precision Vision has been involved in planning some of the most integrated international trials with most or all of the industry’s leading Pharmas. Over the years, our staff has compiled a list of tips, tricks and best practices to help make the implementation of a clinical trial a smooth, cost effective and uneventful success.
This e-book is a compilation of the best of these key learning’s. It is our hope that you will find this a useful guide that you refer to many times. 

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What do Mary Tyler Moore, Prince and 

Precision Vision all have in common?

Watch the video to find out.

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PV Supports Medical Mission to Nigeria
Poor vision is not just an affliction affecting people in the United States. It is estimated that there are over 284 million people around the world who suffer from poor vision because they do not have access to or cannot afford glasses.
That is why our company supports many medical missions around the world that combat this problem. In December of 2013 just such a mission was conducted by the Mezu International Foundation (MI), a Baltimore-based not for profit. ( 
“When Dr. Mezu-Nnabue who is the Medical Mission Coordinator MI approached our company for medical supplies to support this mission we were extremely pleased to help” said Lisa Holm, Director of Operations for Precision Vision , “PV routinely donates to such causes throughout the year, it is just our way of giving back”.
The company provided several testing materials including the Sloan 2-Sided ETDRS near point test along with several Patty Pics format reading tests for children and various Occluders.
“We were extremely grateful to Precision Vision for their outstanding support of our mission. The materials they supplied helped us conduct hundreds of vision tests to those who simply could not afford to do so” said Dr Mezu-Nnabue.
Interested in taking part in a mission?
The foundation is always in need of Physicians, Nurses, physician assistants, medical students and other volunteers in IT, agriculture and business. For detailed information contact the MI Foundation at 1008 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD 21208. Phone 410-775-8001 or e-mail: [email protected].

Could Time Spent Outdoors Raise Cataract, Glaucoma Risk?


Outdoor activities and sunlight reflected up into the eyes may increase the risk of a vision condition tied to cataracts and glaucoma, a new study suggests

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Researchers Identify Process Producing Neuronal Diversity in Fruit Flies’ Visual System


New York University biologists have identified a mechanism that helps explain how the diversity of neurons that make up the visual system is generated.

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Tiny Implanted Sensor And Your Smartphone Could Help Prevent Blindness


Scientists have proposed a way to monitor glaucoma using a tiny device implanted in the eye. Readings from the device could be monitored by a smartphone. The technology could help prevent some people from going blind.

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