Action Plan In Turbulent Times

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In these stressful and turbulent times, we are reaching out to you to inform you  that Precision Vision is taking action to remain open to service our customers. We cannot anticipate future actions to contain the virus but until we’re told otherwise we will continue to provide you with the quality service and products you … Continue reading Action Plan In Turbulent Times

IReST’s Latest Greek Addition

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FIRST LOOK IReST’s Latest Greek Addition A valuable test for clinical practice and research, which is also a powerful tool for comparisons of multiple languages for international studies of reading performance! See More IN THE NEWS Assessing Variability in Reading Performance with the New Greek Standardized Reading Speed Texts (IReST) -Gleni A, Ktistakis E, Tsilimbaris … Continue reading IReST’s Latest Greek Addition

New Bailey-Lovie Reading Charts

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This new set of Bailey-Lovie Reading Charts follow the design principles from the original Bailey-Lovie!  Words and sentences designed so that the content and difficulty of the reading task has minimal variation from one size sample to the next allowing the standardization of the task facilitates the assessment of reading speed as a function of … Continue reading New Bailey-Lovie Reading Charts

New Product: Zhang Ring Test™ for Early Diagnosis of Retinal Detachment

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Fuxiang Zhang. MD The Institutional Review Board of Henry Ford Health System approved a clinical trial. Seven retinal detachment cases have been evaluated in this single general ophthalmologist’s practice. The first patient had a positive ring test in the affected eye but was excluded from this study because of the lack of written consent form. … Continue reading New Product: Zhang Ring Test™ for Early Diagnosis of Retinal Detachment

New Product: SpotChecks™

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SpotChecks™ Contrast Sensitivity Chart The SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™) Contrast Sensitivity Chart was newly designed by Dr. John Robson to be an inexpensive alternative for patients to self-monitor their disease progression in between office visits and is acceptable to various patient populations.  Previous to SpotChecks™, commercially available CS tests were expensive, not easily portable … Continue reading New Product: SpotChecks™

500 Shades of Grey?

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A certain Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten the lion’s share of attention in the media and in popular culture, but did you know the human eye can in fact distinguish as many as 500 different shades of grey? At Precision Vision, we are obsessed with shades of grey – but in a healthy way … Continue reading 500 Shades of Grey?