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December 6, 2021

What is Visual Acuity?

Visual acuity refers to the clarity or clearness of the vision, a measure of how well a person sees. The ...

Eye Professionals Join Forces with the Central American Relief Effort in Honduras – Precision Vision


As we look back in review at 2008 and make plans for 2009 we want to remember those who made last year so successful. Therefore, thanks to all of you: our customers, partners, and colleagues for a wonderful year. Precision Vision® took 2008 by storm and has grown dramatically in doing so, with our new available products, significant contributions from our partners, and additional team members; we have set a great course for success in 2009. We wish you and your family a prosperous year.

Eye Professionals Join Forces with the Central American Relief Effort in Honduras

“Gracias Doctor!”
Was the comment echoed over the past week by the almost 500 patients examined and treated by David Silbert, M.D. and his medical team who traveled to Honduras
for a week-long medical mission.


Lancaster, PA (January 13, 2009) – Arriving in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on January 3, 2009, a team of specially trained Eye Professionals from Lancaster, PA and Baltimore, MD joined forces with the Central American Relief Effort (Lancaster, PA) to screen, examine, and perform Ophthalmic surgeries, eye examinations and vision screenings in the Central American country of Honduras.

The team consisted of David Silbert MD, an Ophthalmologist (Eye MD), specializing in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Eye Plastic Surgery at Family Eye Group in Lancaster, PA, Noelle Matta, an Orthoptist also from Family Eye Group, Cheryl McCarus, an Orthoptist, at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore, MD, Alida Ortiz-Rodriguez, Practice Administrator, Department of Ophthalmology at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center who served as translator, Dr. Silbert’s wife Jennifer Silbert of Silbert Fundraising in Lancaster PA, Ellyn Matta, a native of Lancaster County now a Junior at Penn State University, and Ariel and Jillian Silbert, students at the Linden Hall School for Girls in Lititz, PA.

“The mission was humbling.  We witnessed tremendous poverty, worked with dedicated and hard working local residents, Honduran medical professionals and volunteers, met wonderful families who are living on dollars a day in health and living conditions that would not be acceptable in the United States,” said Dr. David Silbert upon return to his medical practice.

In addition to providing much needed patient care, Dr. Silbert’s team presented donated equipment and supplies to COVA, an eye clinic in Tegucigalpa that treats thousands of indigent patients, and performs outreach throughout the country.  The equipment donated included electronic vision screening devices, eye charts, surgical supplies and eyeglasses.

While in Honduras, the medical team volunteered their services to many sites.  The trip began with scheduled surgeries in a clinic in the capital of Tugucigalpa for COVA (Centro Oftamologico Vida Abundante) Eye Clinic.  The group then traveled down south to clinics in San Francisco and San Marco de Colon.  In addition to collecting equipment and supplies to donate to the clinics and health centers, Dr. Silbert’s group also brought state-of-the art equipment from his private practice to assist with the eye exams.

While Dr. Silbert and his medical team volunteered their services at COVA, his wife and children, along with Ellyn Matta were assigned to paint rooms in a public hospital.  This allowed the non-medical team members to meet the families and the patients.  The non-medical team distributed water packages, pencils, pens and colored paper to the patients.  The public hospitals and clinics in Honduras do not have purified water for patient consumption therefore the patients are dependent on bottled water.

The group plans to return next year to coordinate more screenings, perform surgeries, and bring more supplies and more importantly help more people. For more information on how you can help or to learn more about this trip please visit

Precision Vision proudly provided product for this mission.

A New Precision Vision® Team Member

It is with Great delight that we introduce a new member to the Precision Vision team as well as a new position.

Jessica Kopidlansky

We have a proud new active member to our family. Jessica has been waiting for an opportunity to serve in her grandfather’s company and contribute to the reputation for quality and service that drives our organization. She recently left a well established national chain where she held the honor of the youngest Production Manager in company history. Quality in service is her mission in our new position of Inside Sale and Customer Service.   She looks forward to her new position and working with all of our new and existing clients.


Rabin Super Vision Test

The Super Vision Test is designed to quantify exceptional levels of vision as well as subtle decrements from normal vision.  It tests high and low contrast vision using a single letter chart.  The top portion evaluates high contrast visual acuity with log MAR letters ranging from 20/30 down to 20/5 (4X smaller than 20/20).  The bottom portion consists of 20/25 letters which decrease in contrast (rather than size) for testing small letter contrast sensitivity.  The chart has a separate letter sequence for each eye to reduce memorization effects.  The Super Vision Test is calibrated for use with the 914 Small Illuminator Cabinet at a 4 m (13 ft) test distance, and can also be viewed at 1m for low vision, vision screening, and large letter contrast sensitivity testing.

Night Vision Goggle Filter

This dark green, low-luminance filter is designed for use with the Super Vision Test (Cat. No. 2128) but can be used with any 9” x 14” chart in conjunction with our Cat. No. 914 Small Illuminator Cabinet. The green filter slides in place in front of the illuminated chart, reducing chart luminance (from 100 to 4 cd/m2) to provide the same brightness and green color as a night vision goggle (NVG) display.  Hence the filter simulates the low-luminance, visual challenge of NVGs, and can reveal dysfunction not readily detected with standard luminance tests.

Toric Angle

Designed to reduce chair time and increase patient satisfaction in fitting toric contact lens, the toric angle can be used with any slit lamp on any patient with exact results every time with no guess work.


Upcoming Events – Tradeshows

You can find Precision Vision exhibiting at the following events:

TOA – Feb 13-14, 2009 in Austin, TX at Booth 170

NANOS – Feb 21-26, 2009 in Lake Tahoe, NV

SECO – March 5-7, 2009 in Atlanta, GA at Booth 412

CSNO – March 5-6 in Sacramento, CA at Booth 404

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