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December 6, 2021

What is Visual Acuity?

Visual acuity refers to the clarity or clearness of the vision, a measure of how well a person sees. The ...

EyeOnVision May, 2021 – Clinical Trial & Research


Clinical Trial & Research – Stop Your Search

Precision Vision Visual Acuity Reading Charts

Coordinating purchases with multiple companies can provide unnecessary complexity and logistics to your trial planning, which is a nightmare to track. At Precision Vision, we make it a standard practice to procure as much of your equipment list as possible. Illuminator CabinetsETDRSContrast SensitivityE-ETDRSGrating AcuityReading AcuityLow VisionTrial Lenses, as well as customized solutions to suit your specific needs.

Speaking of Trial Lenses, they are not all created equal. Quality, variety, and availability are critical when reviewing your trial lens options. Precision Vision is your one-stop-shop! From Neutral DensityBlack OutJackson Cross Cylinindars, Full DiameterFull Sets, and trial lens frames, Precision Vision stocks quality in them all!


Planning & Conducting
a Successful Clinical Trial

Multiple countries, trials, and phases. Equipment logistics and retrieval. Duties, customs and taxes. The list of mission critical tasks for a success clinical trial can be daunting. Just a single point of failure can derail your timeframe by weeks or months.

For over 40 years we’ve locked arms with all the leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical professionals to supply gold standard vision testing solutions for clinical trials. From cost quote to final retrieval of products when the trial is over, we manage the entire process seamlessly, soup to nuts.

Over the years, our staff has compiled a list of tips, tricks, and best practices to help make your next trial a smooth, cost-effective, and seamless success.



Clinical Trial Supplies

When you choose Precision Vision, Inc, you are getting supplies that have been Clinically Proven, are Universally Trusted, and you can trust our Mission-Critical attention to detail!

Browse through our Gold Standard Clinical Trial & Research Supplies that are developed for and by vision researchers and clinicians.

Q: I see you have different variations of charts – Pelli Robson Full Set (charts 1&2) or individual 3 or individual 4. ETDRS Charts with A, B, & C or Chart 1, 2, & 3. What are the differences between these product variations?

A: These variations are scrambled versions themselves, which quite simply means that the optotypes are in a different sequence from chart to chart. This variation is created to avoid memorization by your patients during repeated testing. Each variation is produced and calibrated equally.