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PV News – Precision Vision® Newsletter – April 2008
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  • Robert W. Arnold, MD reports on “The Alaska Blind Child Discovery (ABCD)”
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  • Precision Vision® Internal News: Launch of NEW Website & ARVO
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The ABCD Surround HOTV Acuity Flip Card Fast, portable, specific, multipurpose Acuity testing From remote Alaska to the Thai-Burma border

pic3_smThe ABCD HOTV Flip card was designed for the urban or rural school nurse, but it was conceived in remote Alaska and initially tested in war-torn Karen State in Burma.

The Alaska Blind Child Discovery (ABCD) project is a charitable, cooperative research project to eliminate amblyopia through efficient vision screening and thorough treatment. ABCD has extensive experience with objective screening techniques like photoscreening for very young children. In other studies, acuity testing, though traditional, has performed less well than objective testing with respect to speed, patient cooperation and levels of false positive and false negatives.

ABCD started with the Precision Vision® surround HOTV chart by Wendy Marsh-Tootle because it closely resembled the EVA protocol used by PEDIG. During remote Alaskan vision screening trips to the Koyukon region, the Precision Vision® Wendy Marsh-Tootle was modified by adding duct-tape tabs separating the 20/30 and 20/40 for rapid selection for age-based critical line testing.

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PVVAT™ from Precision Vision® – Save $200

pic_pvvat1What is PVVAT™?

PVVAT™ is a state-of-the-art computerized acuity software program designed and built by experts with uncompromised attention to detail.

Who we are

We are the leading provider of benchmark acuity testing tools for more than 35 years worldwide. Our vision and quality leads the way in the eye care industry for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, researchers, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, implantable lens manufacturers, NASA, the US military, public school districts and more. Our products are used with patients of all ages in general practice, research, cutting edge technologies and charitable work everywhere. We enjoy the privilege of working with some of the greatest contributors to the eye care profession and in turn provide products that have become recognized standards internationally.

Why should you consider PVVAT™

Many of the acuity systems available today evolved from software programmers entering the eye care profession as other markets shrank. Others emerged from companies that provide other devices to the industry with core competencies based elsewhere. Many of these companies are not aware of the science or the importance of optotype design, selection, sizing, spacing, contrast levels and many other aspects of testing vision. You could buy another system and wonder about those details or, for about the same cost you could buy PVVAT™ and know that you have a precise vision testing tool from a recognized leader. One that’s easy to use, expandable, upgradable and is loaded with features.

Make an impression on your patients. Replace your projector with PVVAT™ software preloaded in the 20″ iMac. An eye catching combination of precise software and the best graphic display. Also available for Windows Vista and XP.

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Precision Vision® Launches its NEW Website

We are very excited to introduce to you our newly improved website at We’ve made the site easier to navigate so you can find what you are looking for easily. We will be updating the site regularly with industry News so be sure to check out our Articles page. New and Discounted products will be posted on our Specials page.

Stop by and see us at ARVO

Precision Vision® will be at ARVO in Ft. Lauderdale, FL from April 27 – May 1. We will be at booth 508. We hope to see you there.

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