Precision Vision Now Carries Optec Vision Screening Systems

Precision Vision is pleased to announce that it now carries a new tool in vision screening, the Optec 5000 series from Stereo Optical.

Optec 5000 Vision ScreenerThe Optec 5000 Series Vision Screeners allow for comprehensive visual screening in minimal time. With both standard and peripheral models available, the 5000 series screen under a variety of conditions, including monocular, binocular, near, distance, and intermediate, with the Optec 5000p and 5500p also functioning as a peripheral vision tests.
The 5000 and 5000p feature a back mounted control panel, while the 5500 and 5500p come equipped with a separate remote control, allowing for a greater level of flexibility in where testing can be administered. All models are quick, repeatable, and accurate screeners, that require no training or certification to operate. They are lightweight and portable, and contain both distance and near lens systems. Each screener also includes a slide package containing 12 test slides, as well as the option to create a vision testing slide library of more than 150 test slides.