The SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™) Contrast Sensitivity Chart, designed by Prof. John Robson to be a precise, inexpensive alternative for patients in clinic or to self-monitor their disease progression in between office visits.



5031-KitA-D : Introductory Kit includes 20 tests with 1 recording form (5 Sets of Tests A-D)
5031-KitA-L : Full Kit includes 120 tests with 12 Recording Forms (10 Sets of Tests A-L)

The SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™) Contrast Sensitivity Chart was newly designed by Dr. John Robson to be an inexpensive alternative for patients to self-monitor their disease progression in between office visits and is acceptable to various patient populations.  Previous to SpotChecks™, commercially available CS tests were expensive, not easily portable or require supervised testing conditions.

SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™)  changes everything about gathering precise contrast sensitivity testing results. Each test is a single use test where patients test themselves by marking an “x” on each contrast target they see. Testing is intuitive; it only takes 2-3 minutes to complete the test and scoring the results is very easy and takes only a minute. The test sheet itself then becomes the record for the patient file. In normal subjects, the score range and reproducibility of the SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™) chart agrees remarkably well with those of Pelli-Robson (PR) CS chart, the reference standard in research and clinical trials for many years.

Quick.  Easy. Accurate.  Repeatable. Affordable.

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