Alcare Plus Antiseptic Foam Handrub with Emollients


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Foamed, alcohol-based Healthcare Personnel Handrub with broad-spectrum antimicrobial action against pathogenic microorganisms. The Alcare Plus formulation of 62% ethyl alcohol and enhanced emollients provides hand antisepsis and added moisturizing at the same time.

Alcare Plus Antiseptic Foam Handrub with Emollients Features:

For use where immediate, waterless hand degerming compliance is needed

For use as a Healthcare Personnel Handrinse to provide immediate antimicrobial efficacy

Mild formulation for hand comfort

For use where controlled application is necessary

Foam mousse, 62% (v/v) ethyl alcohol-based waterless handrinse

Meets FDA proposed criteria for waterless Healthcare Personnel Handwash and waterless Surgical Scrub

Kills 99.999% of MRSA and VRE in 5 seconds (modified time kill in vitro)

Formulated with enhanced emollients to moisturize skin in high frequency professional use healthcare environments

CHG compatible – does not reduce CHG persistence

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