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Did you know? Over 100,000 oppressed ethnic people in Burma desperately need spectacles? Thousands of People in Burma suffer for lack of appropriate ophthalmic care, particularly the need for cataract surgery?


Precision Vision Reports Burma Vision 2010

Dr. Arnold in BurmaAfter more than 40 years of civil war, many Burma people have never had any form of vision screening, spectacles, medicine or eye surgical care. Working with like-minded relief organization affiliates, Burma Vision aims to plan, procure transport and deliver the public health components related to the eyes and vision: vision screening, dispensing of spectacles, eye drops and collaborate to bring cataract and other eye surgery to this needy region.

In 2010, Robert W. Arnold, MD traveled once again to Burma through Taipei and Bangkok to ChiangMai with supplies and medical materials to assist Free Burma rangers and FBR medical coordinator, Dr. Mitch Ryan. The team consisted of 27 members, including Canadian author Shannon van Roekel. With vision testing tools designed by Dr. Arnold and produced by Precision Vision, Dr. Arnold’s team treated 185 joyful patients.

According to Dr. Arnold: “The Precision Vision ABCD kit performed flawlessly in high heat and remote conditions. Patched, surround HOTV matching acuity spanned language barriers for adults and children from the oppressed Karen State in Eastern Burma.”

Precision Vision is proud to have worked with Dr. Arnold to produce the ABCD kit that is supporting the Burma Vision ongoing mission.

Dr. Arnold in Burma

Featured Products

ABCD Acuity Test Flip Book

Adapting the state-of-the-art principles for acuity testing, ABCD (Alaska Blind Child Discovery) has suggested a modification of Wendy Marsh-Tootle’s Surround HOTV 10-foot test card.

ABCD Acuity Test Flip Book is the Swiss Army Knife of vision tests. The ABCD HOTV card presents 4 optotypes down to 20/16 range.

The matching card has surround letters to avoid confusion, it also has a “spectacle-delineated” pinhole enhancement and an HOTV near card that resembles Paul Runge’s near system but is adapted to just 10-inches- found to more approximate a child’s lap-reading distance. The 10-foot distance and 10-inch near are quickly demarcated by detachable strings. Age-appropriate screening cut-offs are quickly located by off-set tabs

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Happy Face Eye Patch

These temporary eye patches are portable and very useful for occluding one eye to keep young children from peeking during vision screening and testing sessions. These patches are very affordable, easy to use and reduce test time. Sold in rolls of 250 patches per roll each has a paper occluding patch surrounded by medical adhesive tape. The bright yellow color and fun design becomes a trophy for the children to keep and enjoy from their experience.

Click Here to learn more about the Happy Face Eye Patch.

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