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PV News – Precision Vision® Newsletter – November 2009

Precision Vision® continues its pioneering status in the field of new product development. We earn this status by manufacturing our products to the highest standards, in some cases cutting generally acceptable tolerances in half. As our business continues to grow, we continue to develop new products with an eye toward customizing products specifically for you.


The Backbone of Precision Vision: Customization

Customized Products Key to Helping Doctors and Researchers Like You

Precision Vision has been in the vision testing product business for nearly 40 years and we’re proud to say we stand on a solid reputation of quality products that not only meet accepted degrees of accuracy, but exceed them.

Our product lines of eye charts, ETDRS charts, illuminator cabinets and more continue to grow, but did you know that we also customize products specifically for your needs?

We absolutely do.

In fact, creating custom products for doctors and eye care researchers everywhere is a core of the Precision Vision business model. Working for you in this way has helped us grow into what we’ve become today. Here are some things you may not know about Precision Vision’s product customization:

1. Private Labeling: Precision Vision can add your label to our existing product line. Often companies may want to sponsor a specific event or provide our products with their logo to promote their own business. As an example, we’ve printed pocket cards that included a company ad on the back, such as for eye drops.

Private labeling can be a powerful promotional tool and we’d be very glad to help you.

2. Custom High and Low Contrast Charts: Precision Vision has been chosen to customize many of our high and low contrast eye charts in numerous ways, including…

  • Optotypes, Target Shapes or Grating
  • Test Distance (Single or Multiple)
  • Acuity Notations
  • Contrast Level (Single or Multiple)
  • Test Instructions, Binding, Materials, Cords, Sizes of Test Charts, etc.

We frequently customize charts for university researchers, pharmaceuticals and lens manufacturers. As an example, the MN Read Charts were developed at the Minnesota Laboratory for Low Vision Research at the University of Minnesota. This research was funded and approved by the NIH. This project was brought to Precision Vision to manufacture as a commercially viable product.

Contact Us Today for more information on how we can provide charts customized specifically for your latest study.

3. Custom Illumination and Illuminator cabinets: Precision Vision can even customize our popular illuminator cabinets to fit your specific needs. We have developed cabinets with customer specified light levels for research studies. We can also create custom neutral density filters to fit our cabinets for various mesopic light levels.

Many of the products at Precision Vision began as custom projects brought to us by leaders in the field of vision care. We’ve created custom and private labeled products for some of the world’s largest retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and independent researchers.

At Precision Vision, we understand the need for high quality customization. Doctors and researchers like you are constantly building new studies to further good vision science. We’re here to help you. We are continuously developing products for fixation, acuity, contrast sensitivity, color vision and several highly specialized products, as well as new features in computerized vision testing.

We look forward to working with you.