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March 15, 2022


Say yes to patient safety! Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, counterfeiting is a malicious act fueled by (or motivated ...


Your patients, practice & research deserve a REAL Logarithmic Chart!

REAL Products You Can Trust.

What makes charts like this counterfeit?


These are not acceptable alternatives to the ETDRS Standard Optotypes. At least one of these charts above has 8+ confirmed inaccuracies in it.

In reviewing these charts, some of the most telling of the issues were:

  • Spacing & Sizing is inconsistent and inaccurate
  • These charts are unclaimed charts without Manufacturer or Reseller Information
  • The optotype set is inaccurate

These charts should not be confused with charts approved for research and clinical trials. These charts will not meet FDA, NEI, NIH requirements for visual acuity charts.

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Counterfeit Product Information
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