Eye on Vision – August 2013 – Re-learning How to See, Possible Treatments for Mitochondrial Diseases

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Re-learning How to See: Researchers Find Crucial Off Switch in Visual Development

A new discovery by a University of Maryland-led research team offers hope for treating “lazy eye” and other serious visual problems that are usually permanent unless they are corrected in early childhood.

Study Opens Door to Possible Treatments for Variety of Mitochondrial Diseases.


By borrowing a tool from bacteria that infect plants, scientists have developed a new approach to eliminate mutated DNA. Read More

Does Language Shape What We See?


At this very moment, your eyes and brain are performing an astounding series of coordinated operations.

Light rays for the screen are hitting your retina, the sheet of light sensitive cells that lines the back wall of each of your eyes. Those cells, in turn are converting light into electrical pulses that can be decoded by your brain. Read More

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jpegScientists ID New Gene Linked to Vision Loss in Infants


Read More