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December 6, 2021

What is Visual Acuity?

Visual acuity refers to the clarity or clearness of the vision, a measure of how well a person sees. The ...

Unsung Heroes of Vision


Year of the Eye

As 2020 comes to a close, it goes without saying that this year, which was to be the year of the eye, was a challenge for every one of us. We hope that 2021 allows us to return to routine eye exams & screenings, uninterrupted vision research, successful clinical trials, classrooms of students and overall more certainty in our industry.

The strongest leaders are found during the toughest of trials. Precision Vision honors the leaders of Optometry, Vision Sciences, Vision Therapy, Educators, and all Eye Care Professionals.

We ask that you please join the American Academy of Ophthalmology in honoring the abundance of unsung heroes who save sight, sometimes overcoming great challenges to deliver medical and surgical eye care. In 2020, the Academy featured stories about some of these heroes. Their colleagues nominated them for quietly serving the under-served, mentoring the next generation and sharing their skills with the world.

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From reading acuity, low vision, functional vision, and even contrast; Dr. August Colenbrander has designed, developed and overseen a plethora of tests found exclusively at Precision Vision.

Browse through our highly standardized vision tests that are developed by one of our very own “unsung heroes”.

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Q: Can you provide some guidance in choosing and understanding the vast array of charts?

A: Absolutely and so glad you asked! In addition to our very helpful and knowledgeable staff who are at the ready for your questions; Precision Vision published Dr. August Colenbrander’s “Introduction To Visual Acuity”. Over the years, this publication has been greatly appreciated and utilized throughout the industry.

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