Illuminator Cabinets

The Precision Vision ETDRS illuminator cabinet is used extensively in research and clinical trials worldwide, and has been since the original ETDRS study. It is approved and recommended by both the FDA and National Eye Institute. You won’t find a better choice in illuminator cabinets for your eye care office. The ETDRS illuminator cabinet fits all of our ETDRS style charts.

The Small Illuminator Cabinet is approved and presently used by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces for high contrast and low contrast vision testing with uniform retro illumination. The two smaller illuminator cabinets hold 23 X 35.5cm (9 X 14 in.) charts. These smaller illuminator cabinets are very mobile and provide the ability of testing in many different environments. 9×14 Illuminator cabinets are small, portable and easy to use in smaller situations or when light conditions are poor. These cabinets are great for testing distances ranging from 40 cm to 4 meters.

All illuminator cabinets utilize standardized uniform retro illumination and are ideal for both low contrast sensitivity charts and high contrast sensitivity charts for all contrast sensitivity testing. All cabinets include storage space for the charts and can be wall mounted or placed onto a 5 leg caster base for mobility. The LED Illuminator cabinet has a table stand option as well.

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