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Luminance Level Models/Options

2425LED-100: On/Off at 160 cd/m2
Most common for use in clinical settings for normal and low vision patients and ETDRS clinical trials.

2425LED-200: 3 Presets at 3, 85 and 160 cd/m2
Allows for testing at mesopic luminance and the most common ETDRS/clinical setting. The 85 cd/m2 preset is provided for some protocol requirements and the use of the Trans-Illuminated Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity

2425LED-300 7 Presets at 3, 10, 40, 85, 160, 320 and 800 cd/m2
This configuration allows for testing vision under several different luminance levels with optional charts in high contrast, low contrast and threshold contrast and different test distances.

We manufacture and calibrate every cabinet in-house are capable of providing 1 to 9 specific presets ranging from 3 to 800 cd/m2 to support your research or clinical trial requirements. Phone or email to discuss your request and get pricing.

Add a Caster Rolling Base (not included)

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?
  • Each and every individual cabinet is quality tested and calibrated individually prior to receiving our quality assurance of Mission critical attention to detail!
  • Precision Vision Illuminator Cabinets are crafted with performance welding and are sturdy enough to last the lifetime of your trial or research!
  • No extended warranty is necessary, our cabinet’s durability is guaranteed.  They arrive on-site ready to test!
  • Clinically Tested, Clinically Proven, and Universally Trusted!

*Remote Not Included and must be purchased separately

Download Best Practices for Installing Power Cord.