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PV News – Precision Vision® Newsletter – December 2009

As we look back in review at 2009 and make plans for 2010 we want to remember those who made last year so successful. Therefore, thanks to all of you: our customers, partners, and colleagues for a wonderful year. Precision Vision® took 2009 by storm and has grown dramatically in doing so, with our new available products, significant contributions from our partners, and additional team members; we have set a great course for success in 2010. We wish you and your family a prosperous year.


Finnish Organization “Vision for All” Reports to Precision Vision® from Sri Lanka

December 2009 – Precision Vision is happy to hear from “Vision for All”, a Finnish organization dedicated to supplying vision aid services to poor countries, such as Africa. In October of this year, Hanna Lappalainen and the organization traveled to Sri Lanka where they were able to help more than 1500 local people with valuable eyecare.

As reported directly from Hanna:

“Our trip was a success in every way. More than 1500 people were helped with one or two pairs of spectacles. Some of the examined got glasses both near and distance, for some one pair was enough. We saw a lot of lowered vision caused by eye diseases, for example uncorrected or without IOL operated cataracts. They never wear sunglasses, so cataracts is very common also among middle-aged people. Dry eyes were waiting for moistening drops, but we didn’t have that kind of equipment with us. Sometimes we were able to improve their vision just a little bit with eyeglasses or sunglasses, but our clients appreciated that tiny help, as well. The great thankfulness direct from their hearts gave us that extra energy we needed to cope with the hot climate we weren’t used to.

When coming back we thought about the happy coincidence to be born in a country like Finland. Surely, it was nice to come back home, but the trip with the people stays living in our thoughts still for long. After all, every single one of us is interested in attending a new trip some day…

The eye charts are going to travel to Malawi in Africa on the 23rd of December for two weeks. Vision For All with two opticians and six assistants will produce the same kind of “spectacle trip” to one of the poorest country in the world. We’ll send them there with wishes of a safe trip and good experience as we had in Sri Lanka.”

Precision Vision proudly provided product for this mission, and we wish them continued success and safety as they continue their journey.

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