Big News from Precision Vision – Teller Acuity Cards

tellerThe Teller Acuity Cards are a classic test of visual acuity for infants, young children and individuals with disabilities. The extensive evidence-base gathered in their development and use provides a strong foundation for their application in ophthalmology, optometry and developmental practice.

In late 2016 Precision Vision and the University of Washington entered into an agreement making Precision Vision the master distributor and sole manufacturer of Teller Acuity Cards®.

Although this agreement is a recent development, Precision Vision’s support of the TAC is not new. Precision Vision (PV) became the sole manufacturer of TAC for the previous licensee and thousands of TAC cards have been manufactured since PV’s first release in April 2011.


Prior to that first release PV undertook almost two years of dedicated work refining the tools and techniques necessary to make this demanding and prestigious test. Precision Vision has continually investigated new methods and materials to produce the quality test in use today and improvement efforts are currently focused on improving packaging and durability of the cards.

The Teller Acuity Cards can currently be purchased directly from Precision Vision on-line, or through their associated distribution channels throughout the world.