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#Counterfeit#Get Real
March 15, 2022


Say yes to patient safety! Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, counterfeiting is a malicious act fueled by (or motivated ...


March 29, 2016

March 2016 – New Website

IN THE NEWS PV Launches Newly Redesigned Web Site:Learn some of the ways our brand new website is better than ...
August 26, 2015

Common Early Vision Conditions

  Common Early Vision Conditions   National ophthalmology surveys suggest that up to 25% of all school-aged children have vision ...

Illinois Vision Screening Guidelines

Illinois Department of Public Health: Vision Screening Guidelines   Students   The State of Illinois requires annual vision screening be ...

Importance of Vision in Childhood Development

Importance of Vision in Childhood Development   Up to the age of 12, children obtain 80% of their knowledge through ...
August 20, 2015

Precision Vision Early Detection

  BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Early Detection Vision Screening Extensive research has proven that maintaining healthy vision and detection of vision conditions – early ...
#Colenbrander#Low Contrast
March 11, 2015

Low Contrast Sensitivity Tests

Of the three aspects of visual functioning: visual acuity, visual field and contrast sensitivity, the last one receives far less ...
#Low Contrast

500 Shades of Grey?

A certain Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten the lion’s share of attention in the media and in popular culture, ...