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Near at 40cm Testing Distance
Intermediate at a Choice of 66cm, 67cm, or 80cm Testing Distances.

All with Cord for easily achieving proper testing distance.

Near Vision Testing at 40cm:   8M (20/400) to .20M (20/10)

Intermediate Vision Testing at 66cm:  8M (20/250) to .20M (20/6.3)

Intermediate Vision Testing at 67cm:  13.4M (20/400) to .34M (20/10)

Intermediate Vision Testing at 80cm:  16M (20/400) to .40M (20/10)

Memorization can alter testing results and create an inaccurate record for the patient. This near vision chart features multiple groups for repetitive testing help minimize memorization. This helps to create a more accurate and reliable vision chart that yields repeatable results.

Each side is different to minimize memorization.

Available optotypes and formats include:

  • Lighthouse Sloan: Standard Near 40cm
  • Sloan ETDRS: Standard Near 40cm, Intermediate 80cm, Intermediate 67cm, Intermediate 66cm, Intermediate 60cm, Near 33cm
  • HOTV: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat
  • Landolt C: Standard Near 40cm
  • Patti Pics: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat
  • PV Numbers: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat

Download Recording Forms for : 2106-66

Can be Customized!  Contact us for additional details.

Combination Chart with Near 40cm and Intermediate 60cm Also Available.

Sloan Scrambled Optotype Version Also Available